Brian Devcich
Three Lives of Sheryl Hammond

Sheryl Hammond is a young, naive office girl who becomes a billionaire philanthropist. Follow her innocent early life to a victim of an insidious crime, a sex symbol and to being shipwrecked on a mystery island and given up for dead.


Twists and Turns appear in her survival mode as she witnesses the punishment of rape violation crimes through dehumanisation and humiliation programs. She captures the world’s imagination by her miraculous escape from death, her integrity being questioned by the disappearance of her husband and her inheritance of his successful media empire, to accusations of having an affair with a President, who is literally accidentally brought down through Sheryl’s anti-gun - G.U.N. campaign. In private, her main concern is the discrimination of, and the emotional roller coaster ride and well-being of Amanda, her profoundly severely handicapped stepdaughter.


The subject matter includes, ‘The island nation’s rule of law’, ‘China’s new ruling coronavirus party with a new emblem’ and ‘India’s hidden apartheid society’, all of which are thought provoking material. Entwined in this entertaining script is unscrupulous corporate business and political behaviour, attempted assassinations, kidnapping, the witnessing of a self-funeral, with lighter moments of confessional sex and comical moments of adversity.


Brian Devcich is able to switch the mood from The Tragic to The Hilarious, where you’ll laugh out loud, then reach for the tissues. While maintaining enough tension, the pace of the story is lively enough to encourage the reader to turn the page, not knowing what to expect next. I believe a free-thinking non-steroetype, mature reader with a good sense of humour who can think outside the square and is interested in the many controversial issues facing our society today, will find this book both timely as it is provocative.


Brian was born and raised in Auckland New Zealand with two brothers enduring an idyllic upbringing. Travelling and working in four different countries he finally settled in Australia. Having been married, a father to four children and having four grandchildren the importance of family and health is paramount in his life. Repeatedly re-inventing himself through taking on different work choices from clothing manufacture, semi-professional sport, construction, armed security and engaging in the service industry he came across an interesting cross-section of people.


Now reinventing the status-quo of todays male dominated society, the author through his imaginative, controversial and provocative characterisation of Sheryl Hammond intriguingly thickens the plot. Having invented characters and portrayed characters from his real life experiences in this book the one and only true character is Amanda Jane, with only small passages of her early life genuinely stated. As not having the ability to reason or express her inner and outer feelings, I have attempted through being herself, to give her a voice in her darken eyes-less world.


Breathing words of meaning in singing her special song, as a father, gives me the ultimate joy of parental love.

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Brian Devcich is the author of this Literary Fiction Novel

"Three Lives of Sheryl Hammond"

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Quotation from 'Three Lives of Sheryl Hammond'
The following song is dedicated to Amanda Jane

"You mean to say, a person with exceptional high caring needs like Amanda, with no eyes, who can't reason beyond a three year old, is in a deformed adult body, who needs constant supervision, has competitors to take her place in her group home"

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